Anna Wojciechowska, CEO EAP24

She has over a dozen years of experience in planning, implementation and execution of HR consulting and training projects. She has worked with over 200 corporate clients. Thanks to many years of work as a meeting facilitator and coach, as well as thorough psychological background, she perfectly understands the needs of employees, managers, HR and organisations.

She is an Associate in a British consulting and training company – Open Water Ltd.

She loves long journeys, sailing and psychological books. Her motto is: “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes” Marcel Proust.

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Qualifications and experience of EAP24 Consultants

Areas of specialisation:

  • clinical psychology,
  • cognitive behavioural therapy,
  • addiction therapy,
  • family therapy,
  • crisis interventions.

Experience and skills:

  • experience of working in an assistance call centre / helpline (minimum 2 years),
  • knowledge and experience in clinical psychology,
  • knowledge and experience in crisis interventions,
  • the ability to conduct motivating interviews,
  • the ability to build change in a therapeutic client.

Our resource also includes business knowledge and HR experience, thanks to which we are a partner for business.

We cooperate with an external law firm providing professional legal advice.

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