EAP – Program Wsparcia Pracowników

How does the EAP work


The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a modern type of benefit in the form of confidential and professional source of information and of support for the employees and their family members going through the struggles of everyday life.

Areas of the EAP



  • The helpline is open from 8 a.m. to midnight, 7 days a week, 365 days in a year.
  • Conversations are confidential and anonymous.
  • Full access for employees and closest family members (partner, spouse, children).
  • Unlimited access.
  • Contact only with psychological support professionals – psychologists, therapists, coaches.
  • Option of continuing the conversation with the same psychologist, therapist, coach.
  • Support in making appointments with specialists, e.g. certified psychotherapists, psychiatrists, legal advisers.
  • We work in Polish and English.


  • If needed and if an employee so decides, we provide video-consultations with certified psychotherapists.

  • The number of video-consultations available for each employee is specified in the EAP contract ensuring confidentiality and anonymity for employees.

  • Video-consultations are mainly to support employees by short-term, solution-focused psychotherapy methods.

  • The possibility of individual continuation of work with a selected psychotherapist (after using the EAP package).

  • Availability of a wide range of certified psychotherapists.

  • The possibility of individual meetings with psychotherapists in their offices.

  • We work in Polish and English.



  • We prepare and maintain EAP communication throughout the entire duration of the contract.
  • We provide HR with professional content and materials on EAP e.g. for the intranet.
  • We run webinars on the EAP for HR, EAP Ambassadors and key managers in the company.


  • EAP Newsletter – at least once a month to all company employees.
  • Valuable, substantive content and regular encouragement to use the EAP.
  • Invitations to EAP webinars.


  • EAP webinar – at least once a quarter, lasting an hour.
  • Short inspiring trainings covering a vast range of subjects related to private life, e.g. upbringing children and professional life, e.g. preventing burnout.
  • Professional and practical knowledge, inspiring employees to change. 
  • The subject of workshops adjusted to the needs of EAP participants.


  • Communication under stress
  • Communication in conflict
  • I am a parent
  • How to bring up a happy child
  • Managing people in crisis
  • Remote work
  • Toxic relationships in the workplace
  • Work-life balance – how to rest
  • How to protect yourself from professional burnout
  • Mental strength and resilience
  • Me under stress


  • MyEAP24 professional portal – a knowledge base and inspiration for EAP participants.
  • Hundreds of articles written by professionals.
  • Auto-coaching exercise base.
  • Books recommended by psychologists.
  • Materials for managers to use during meetings with employees (individual and team meetings).
  • FAQ – the most frequently asked questions about the EAP by our clients’ employees.
  • Employee protection against online pseudo-professional advice, seeking help through social media.
  • The possibility to arrange a telephone consultation with a psychologist, therapist, coach via the Calendly system.
  • The possibility of e-mail contact with a psychologist, therapist, coach.

EAP Crisis Support

Professional intervention proves that the employer notices and reacts to crisis situations in the organisation.

Objectives of crisis intervention



All activities are to restore the working environment to the state as before the crisis and show the person in crisis, the team and their environment that the employer cares about the mental health of the people working in the company and about the atmosphere at work.

Implementation of the EAP

Comprehensive and regular activities for the organization, as well as cooperation with HR, make it a cost-effective, modern solution, and especially needed in times of pandemic and crisis.





The way EAP services are provided and thus the cost estimation of EAPs assumes the participation of all company employees (as well as members of their immediate family).

The standard of the support provided assumes its easy availability, i.e. from 8 a.m. to midnight, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

The helpline, the EAP portal (including webinars) can be used by both employees and members of their immediate family (husband/wife, partner, children over 16 y.o.a.).

No, EAPs ensure confidentiality, anonymity and impartiality of the support provided.

The main assumption of the EAP Helpline is easy accessibility, adequate to the number of EAP participants, as well as professionalism and experience of telephone consultants (psychologists, therapists, coaches).

Psychologists, therapists, coaches with professional psychological background and experience in working with clients over the phone.

Yes, it requires an individual appointment.

This depends on the terms of the EAP contract.

Sessions can be continued individually outside the EAP.

We inform you about the need for specialist assistance in relation to your problem and we also provide support to make it easier for the interlocutor to arrange an appointment with a specialist such as a psychiatrist.

Yes. The scope of support is governed by the contract.

Yes. The scope of support is governed by the contract.

Yes. The scope of support is governed by the contract.

Yes. The scope of support is governed by the contract.

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