EAP – Program Wsparcia Pracowników

About EAP24


The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a modern type of benefit in the form of confidential and professional source of information and of support for the employees and their family members going through the struggles of everyday life.

Our company


We have been operating on the market since 2010 we stem from the consulting and training services industry.

Our cooperation with corporate clients and large companies has shown us the need for systemic support of company employees in solving problems, both in their professional and private life. Group trainings do not allow for an individual approach to employees’ problems, and coaching is still a high-end service.

The development of Employee Assitance Programs, based on international standards, as a benefit offer for our clients and their employees, has become the next stage of our activity.

EAP24 Team

We are proud of a team of specialists (psychologists, therapists, coaches, consultants, psychotherapists) who have the qualifications and experience to support participants of EAP programs. We have a network of contacts throughout the country, thanks to which we provide professional support in a wide range of human problems.

Anna Wojciechowska, CEO EAP24

She has over a dozen years of experience in planning, implementation and execution of HR consulting and training projects. She has worked with over 200 corporate clients. Thanks to many years of work as a meeting facilitator and coach, as well as thorough psychological background, she perfectly understands the needs of employees, managers, HR and organisations.

She is an Associate in a British consulting and training company – Open Water Ltd.

She loves long journeys, sailing and psychological books. Her motto is: “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes” Marcel Proust.

EAP24 Consultants

We are proud of our team of specialists (psychologists, therapists, coaches, consultants, psychotherapists) who are qualified and experienced to support EAP participants. We have a network of contacts all over the country, so we provide professional support in a wide range of problems.

Areas of specialisation

Experience and skills

Our resource also includes business knowledge and HR experience, thanks to which we are a partner for business.

We cooperate with an external law firm providing professional legal advice.

Our Clients

Our clients are employers who provide modern benefits to their employees.

We act in a comprehensive manner for every company that joins the EAP – we support HR departments in EAP implementation and communication.

It is our intention to provide statistics informing employers about employee support needs in those areas that affect efficiency, absenteeism and staff turnover in the company. We believe that a better quality of life for employees will translate into their greater involvement and loyalty to the organisation.

We provide our services to companies in Poland, Germany and the Netherlands. We work in Polish and English.

Feel free to contact us to learn about our references and implementation examples.

EAP24 Partners


Our company is a partner of Optum Health www.optum.com, one of the world’s largest companies offering services in the field of:

  • health (care, financial services, pharmacy services)
  • Employee Assistance Programs
  • well-being solutions.  

Optum Health has been operating globally for over 37 years, offering services in more than 200 countries and serving more than 2,000 international companies and more than 11 million individual customers.

oining the Optum Health partner network was preceded by due diligence in areas such as:

  • service (counselling & critical incidents) 
  • staffing and credentialing for service 
  • regulation & compliance 
  • data collection  
  • quality management. 

In practice, this means that by acting locally, we meet high international standards of employee assistance services. EAP is a globally recognized standardized solution aimed at supporting employees and employers. Counseling and psychological assistance are carried out through individual consultations (easy and quick access), while constant communication about the EAP program in the company and psychoeducational activities ensure continuous building of awareness regarding caring for mental well-being and a healthy workplace. EAP is not a training well-being platform or a platform for online psychotherapy. EAP is an assistance service that is especially important in uncertain times and difficult situations.

Cooperation with Optum Health opens a very wide window to the world of best practices of psychological support for employees and employers.

SWPS University Clinic

Our company is a partner of the Family-Couple-Unit Clinic of the SWPS University. The aim of the Clinic is to help, among others, by:

  • mediation related to divorce and childcare after divorce,
  • advice on preparing parents for talks with their child/children about divorce,
  • supporting couples and individuals in crisis situations,
    providing knowledge, helping to build bonds and autonomy,
  • comprehensive psychological diagnosis,
  • creating development groups for single mothers,
  • working with homosexual couples and families in going through crises related to a homosexual family member,
  • teamwork, taking into account the family context in consulting and psychotherapeutic work,
  • research and scientific activity,
  • educational and teaching activities.

Medicover Benefits

Our company is a partner of Medicover Benefits, a company that provides modern solutions supporting HR departments in relations with employees.

We invite you to use our services at www.platformabenefitowa.pl.

The Employee Assistance European Forum

We are a member of The Employee Assistance European Forum – an organization that since 2002 brings together EAP service providers from 23 countries in Europe.

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