EAP communication

  • We prepare and maintain EAP communication throughout the entire duration of the contract.
  • We provide HR with professional content and materials on EAP e.g. for the intranet.
  • We run webinars on the EAP for HR, EAP Ambassadors and key managers in the company.

EAP Newsletters

  • EAP Newsletter – at least once a month to all company employees.
  • Valuable, substantive content and regular encouragement to use the EAP.
  • Invitations to EAP webinars.

EAP webinars

  • EAP webinar – at least once a quarter, lasting an hour.
  • Short inspiring trainings covering a vast range of subjects related to private life, e.g. upbringing children and professional life, e.g. preventing burnout.
  • Professional and practical knowledge, inspiring employees to change.
  • The subject of workshops adjusted to the needs of EAP participants.
  • Examples of webinar topics:
    • Managing people in crisis
    • Remote work
    • Communication under stress
    • Communication in conflict
    • Me under stress
    • I am a parent
    • How to bring up a happy child
    • Work-life balance – how to rest
    • How to protect yourself from professional burnout
    • Mental strength and resilience
    • Toxic relationships in the workplace


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