Professional intervention proves that the employer notices and reacts to crisis situations in the organisation.

Objectives of crisis intervention.

Team support.
Helping a person in crisis.
Developing solutions that will facilitate recovery from crisis.
Introducing procedures that will protect the organisation from similar problems in the future.

Phone contact with decision-makers to find out what the crisis is about (who is affected, how long it has lasted for, what are the consequences for the person in crisis and other employees), to find out the main causes of the crisis and to determine actions.
Intervention with a crisis intervener: meeting with the person in crisis, the team they belong to, their immediate superior in order to end the crisis.
Tips on how to act after eliminating the causes of crisis and how to prevent similar crises in the future.

All activities are to restore the working environment to the state as before the crisis and show the person in crisis, the team and their environment that the employer cares about the mental health of the people working in the company and about the atmosphere at work.