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EAP cost estimation Please, contact us to receive an EAP cost calculation for your organisation. The pricing depends for instance on the number of employees, employment structure, selected EAP modules, as well as the scope of support. EAP is a systemic solution, providing equal access to support for all employees [...]

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Anna Wojciechowska, CEO EAP24 She has over a dozen years of experience in planning, implementation and execution of HR consulting and training projects. She has worked with over 200 corporate clients. Thanks to many years of work as a meeting facilitator and coach, as well as thorough psychological background, she [...]

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Our clients are employers who provide modern benefits to their employees. We act in a comprehensive manner for every company that joins the EAP - we support HR departments in EAP implementation and communication. It is our intention to provide statistics informing employers about employee support needs in those areas [...]

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EAP24 AUXI SERVICE CENTER We have been operating on the market since 2010 we stem from the consulting and training services industry. Our cooperation with corporate clients and large companies has shown us the need for systemic support of company employees in solving problems, both in their professional and private [...]

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How does the EAP Helpline work?


The helpline is open from 8 a.m. to midnight, 7 days a week, 365 days in a year. Conversations are confidential and anonymous. Full access for employees and closest family members (partner, spouse, children). Unlimited access. Contact only with psychological support professionals - psychologists, therapists, coaches. Option of continuing the [...]

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EAP communication We prepare and maintain EAP communication throughout the entire duration of the contract. We provide HR with professional content and materials on EAP e.g. for the intranet. We run webinars on the EAP for HR, EAP Ambassadors and key managers in the company. EAP Newsletters EAP Newsletter - [...]

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Why the EAP portal? MyEAP24 professional portal - a knowledge base and inspiration for EAP participants. Hundreds of articles written by professionals. Auto-coaching exercise base. Books recommended by psychologists. Materials for managers to use during meetings with employees (individual and team meetings). FAQ - the most frequently asked questions about [...]

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Professional intervention proves that the employer notices and reacts to crisis situations in the organisation. Objectives of crisis intervention. Team support. Helping a person in crisis. Developing solutions that will facilitate recovery from crisis. Introducing procedures that will protect the organisation from similar problems in the future. Activities Phone contact [...]

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Implementation of the EAP


The EAP implementation process: EAP cost estimation for organisations. Approval of the EAP and its addition to the employee benefits package in the organisation. Developing a plan and preparing HR for the implementation of the EAP. EAP communication in the organisation. Providing employees with access data to the EAP Helpline [...]

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